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How To Edit Photos For Real Estate

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

In real estate marketing, high-quality visuals are essential to capture potential buyers' attention and showcase a property's unique features. Sometimes, even the best camera and lighting setup may not capture the desired outcome, and editing becomes necessary. In this blog post, we will discuss the various ways one can edit real estate photos to make them look exceptional.

1. Basic Editing

The most common photo editing technique is basic photo editing, which includes making adjustments to an image's brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows. Basic editing can quickly enhance a photo, making it look brighter, sharper, and more vibrant. These changes can make a significant difference in the photo's appeal, especially when it comes to property photos.

Unedited photo of bedroom

2. Perspective Correction

In real estate photography, it's essential to represent property features accurately. Sometimes, a camera's lens can distort an image, making straight lines appear curved or angled. Perspective correction is a photo editing technique that corrects those irregularities. This technique can help improve the property's visual accuracy and consequently attract more potential buyers or renters.

Edited photo of bedroom

3. Color Correction

Color correction is another important technique that can improve real estate photos. This technique involves adjusting the image's colors to ensure they are as accurate and true-to-life as possible. Color corrections can make whites appear whiter, greens appear greener, and create a vibrant, balanced image. Moreover, color correction plays a significant role in creating a visual mood for the property to evoke emotions in the viewer.

Color corrected photo of bedroom

4. Object Removal

Sometimes, photographers capture an image that may have unwanted objects in it, like a trash bin, construction debris, or vehicles. While it's always best to ensure the photo you capture is clean, object removal can eliminate unwanted distractions and make the property look cleaner and organized. This technique requires an expert hand, as removing objects should not leave any noticeable traces behind.

Edited photo of bedroom

4. Window Pull

The window pull technique involves combining multiple exposures of a window to create a well-balanced image that showcases both the interior and exterior views through a window. This will show the full range of details captured in both areas, including the outside landscape and the room's interior elements.

empty Livingroom

Virtually staged Livingroom

5. Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is the latest trend in real estate marketing, where furniture, decor, and accessories are added to a property that's not yet staged to help visualize what the property could look like. This technique involves taking a photograph of an empty room and adding furnishings, decor, and other unique touches to showcase the space. Virtual staging can create an engaging and desirable atmosphere that can help potential buyers or renters see how they can fit and visualize themselves in the space.


In conclusion, photo editing plays a crucial role in real estate marketing. With techniques like basic editing, perspective correction, color correction, object removal, and virtual staging, real estate agents can present a property in a way that appeals to potential buyers or renters. High-quality visuals are a critical tool to showcase the property's unique selling features while creating engagement, evoking emotions, and leaving a lasting impression. By implementing the right photo editing techniques, real estate agents can effectively market and sell properties.

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