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Behind the Scenes: How We Make Your Portraits Pop

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Welcome to Kaiser Media, where we take your portraits to the next level. We understand that every photo has its unique story, and we're here to bring it to life through our professional editing process. In this blog post, we'll give you a glimpse into how we work our magic without the technical jargon – just pure creativity.

Step 1: Brightness and Contrast - Adding Depth

Our first order of business is to enhance brightness and contrast. We ensure your photos have the right balance, so they appear vivid and dynamic, not dull or washed-out.

Step 2: Perfecting Colors - True to Life

Next, we focus on colors. No one likes photos where colors look dull. We fine-tune elements like temperature and tint to make sure your portraits look both extraordinary and authentic.

Step 3: Eyes & Teeth Whitening - Captivating Features

The eyes and smiles are the highlights of a portrait. We make sure your eyes sparkle and your smile is radiant with selective teeth whitening.

Step 4: Skin Adjustment: Rougher or Smoother - Your Choice

We believe in keeping things authentic. Whether you prefer a natural look with a bit of texture or a smoother appearance, we tailor the skin adjustment to your preference. Any blemishes, scars, or imperfections on your skin? We erase them, leaving you with a flawless look. If that is what you want, of course!

Step 5: The Final Touches - Wow Factor

In the final stage, we take a second look and make sure all details are perfected. Our goal is to ensure that we don't miss anything and that every aspect of your portrait looks absolutely great and captivating.


At Kaiser Media, we take your portraits seriously. Our editing process is all about attention to detail and bringing out the unique story in every image. Each portrait is special, and our skilled editors are here to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to schedule your next photoshoot and experience the power of our professional editing firsthand. 📸✨

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